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My Story

Dave H started this conversation
My Story, Why I’m Homeless  I was fired from my job at an apartment complex in 2008, because I was passed-up from a promotion and, I got angry after a month without being told if I had this maintenance II position. For four years I was passed-up because, I was too important in the position I was at. This position was, cleaning offices, bathrooms, gym, painting interior and, maintenance in the apartments, plus sweeping the grounds, painting curbs, and power washing the exterior. I was already experienced for this position. It would not have mattered to me to keep doing the same job, the title and pay raise was what I was after. I found out if I got the promotion the day I saw the new Hire.  It was the beginning of a new year I was fired. I had enough money to get alone until unemployment would kick-in. When it did, I bought a Motor home, moved into a campsite for a year. I found a job that knocked out the second year of employment checks. I made less at this new job and, was dropped down in employment money. I could not pay for rent; foods etc. forced to put everything I owned in storage and live in my car.  I feel blessed by the Father that these changes in my life happened.I will never look at a homeless person the same way, I had before.
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